I have several gags, some of which I’ve photographed for my a2zsubmiss series but I have to admit I don’t use them much (or often enough). I suppose a lot of my suitcase of sex toys have been left untouched this last year but as much as I love gags they are hard to wear with my sore jaw.

I’m such a clencher and grinder of a person that I often have to wear a splint over my teeth at night otherwise I wake up with very painful teeth, jaw and serious headaches. So wearing something that keeps me stretched open for any length of time is difficult. I love having my mouth stuffed though and it’s a damn good way to keep me quiet too (I talk far too much) so there has to be a trade off.

I prefer the aesthetics of my large ball gag, the way I drool around it and how I can only grunt with it in. But it is very large and really my softer smaller dog bone shaped gag is much better for me if I want to wear it for any length of time.

Black and white close up photograph of my lower face with a large black ball gag in and a thin line of saliva dripping from my stuffed mouth.

Fingers will also do. When he stuffs his fingers covered in my juices in my mouth while he’s fucking me hard and tells me to suck them (or even better if they are someone else’s juices). It sets my mind free and makes my cunt clenching.

I can think of only a few times when my knickers have been used as a gag on me. The most memorable were these black lace pair and I can’t wear them now without thinking of that evening.

Kink of the week logo with the words written over a red lip print

3 thoughts on “Gag me and watch me drool

  1. Such a great image Missy. I totally get what you mean about the jaw ache, I love my mouth full but it can’t be for prolonged periods for similar reasons. Funnily enough I do t have a bit gag, maybe my collection needs to expand.

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