I bent down again trying not to swear at the fiddly black ribbons. My time was running out and I knew he’d be home soon. Carefully I threaded the ribbon back and forth again, finally at the top I tie it tight and finish with a bow. My head spun, partly from all the bending down but also from the thoughts of what was to come. I totter from my place, sat on my bed to my mirror to check the effect the boots and heel give me. I’ve always like my legs, even when I was heavier my legs received the compliments, but in these heels I feel really elevated. The tilt of my pelvis from the height of the heel gives my arse an extra perky curve and I can’t help but smile as I spin round checking out my reflection. I know I couldn’t walk for miles in these, or even dance but I can’t wait to see them pinned up over his shoulders.

I carefully make my way down the stairs, reminding myself that if I fell and broke my leg the paramedics would get a real treat coming to see me, for my only other accessories are my black leather collar and my sparkly butt plug.

I check my phone for the time. 2 minutes till he said he’d be home. I can’t help but also check online to see how far home he’s got. The small blue dot flickers onto my screen map and my heart skips a beat realising he’s already on our street.

I take up my position. Legs straight. Leaning forward and down. My hands against the wall. My arse towards the front door and try to slow my breaths. My lips moisten as I hear his key in the door.

These beautiful boots actually came from a fellow blogger atoasubbee. When I have extra help I can make them look a bit neater. This image was after my first attempt on my own to lace them up. I love how they look and make me feel.

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