18 thoughts on “a2zsubmiss D is for Dog

          1. As a woman I actually shake my head at you even touching one to be honest. It’s part of what we call Mens business and is completely against our beliefs for a woman to touch one.

          2. The biggest issue our culture has is the misinformation, lack of true knowledge and understanding. It’s a huge problem and there has been not much change in many many years.

  1. You just know what works – brilliantly sexy
    This submiss side wasn’t really my thing but my curiosity and the great works by you and “eye” have drawn me in.
    Thank you

    1. Sometimes it’s the smallest subtle things that can make the biggest difference sexually. I’ve been slowly working down this route over the last 6 years or so. The delightful thing is how my husband and I are enjoyed it and discovered so many new things. X

        1. No. We have our normal ups and downs like any relationships. We are just much more honest with each other these days so less arguments and more good times.

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