“I don’t wear much lace” I say as I casually pull some knickers out of my draw and realise that probably half of them have some lace on. Well ok, maybe I mean I don’t purposefully think about wearing lots of lace. I do have lots of lovely matching underwear and several of those have some lace to them. As a lady with larger than average boobs you tend to need more material in the undies and lace or sheer materials are a flattering way of doing so without making your bra cups or knickers look like a potato sack

But in my draw of tempting sex outfits (the sort I don’t wear unless I’m planning some playing and fucking. The sort of outfits that don’t give me any support for everyday activities but make me feel desirable and wanton, there are several lace items. One of my favourites I featured in the this post Twisted, and I also have plenty of lace top stockings And a very naughty Basque

These all hold me in, keep my flesh held in attractive ways and make me want to stand up tall and push my shoulders back. I do have one softer lacy babydoll outfit that again has little support but makes me want to curl and flex and purr, it is far too short for its own good. Today I took some photos in it and hope the pleasurable feeling is passed on.

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8 thoughts on “Lace

  1. Pleasure most assuredly passed on !
    Beautiful pair in every way — photos I mean ,, of course 😂.. with that perfect glimpse Lovely x

  2. Lace is such a delightful tease, showing just enough to draw you in and make you wonder what other treasures lay hidden there.. just out of sight.

  3. Funnily enough, I said exactly the same thing. It appears lace makes more of an appearance than I realised in my wardrobe too! That said, I think it suits you perfectly.

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