I showed them my new waspie. Lifting my dress revealing the top of stockings and the high waisted pretty suspender belt that held back my soft belly giving me the confidence to flash them.

“And no knickers!” She exclaimed.

I grinned like a Cheshire cat, pleased the new underwear purchase had got the reaction I wanted. I spun around slowly and he stroked my arse as I turned. Unsure if their appreciation was for the garment or the brazen way I showed them my naked crotch.

The dress didn’t last much longer but the waspie stayed, framing my neatly trimmed pubic hair. Holding my core as I clenched from each orgasm, again and again. My stockings stayed in place even though I was thrown around the bedroom.

Only when I laid panting and sweating did I finally decide it had done its job and removed my waspie. I wasn’t delicate then but it didn’t matter. I had past delicate and was wallowing in wanton delightful filth.

Black and white photograph of the top of stockings and the glimpse of a black deep suspender belt waspie Berlin shown as I liked a black lacy dress hem up

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