This week’s Masturbation Monday prompt image is by myself. Added to the post My Photography Kink As I mentioned in my post I love getting that one perfect image. Something arty but Filthy, well lit and in the ideal situation something I don’t even need to edit. But I forgot to mention one other thing I really enjoy about taking photographs of us together- I use my phone as a remote for my big camera. Using an app I can see what my camera sees and adjust all the manual settings on it too. Sometimes it stays in my hand, sometimes I have to put it on a timer and move my phone out of view so it doesn’t spoil the picture. This remote view means I can now take a photograph of my arse from a distance without twisting or tapping the camera and running into position. When I set the camera up for last weekend’s image Pink Hair I enjoyed watched myself in my phone. I enjoy it even more when I sit on his cock and ride it. Watching the camera watching his cock slide in and out of me from behind. Being my own voyeur. It seems easier than looking in a mirror. As it’s on my small screen in my hand it’s more like watching personal porn. I couldn’t resist sitting on his cock last week and watching myself on my phone. I did take a few images too. Maybe not as interesting as the pink hair but definitely as exciting.

Colour photograph of a naked woman ‘s back as she sits on a blokes cock  one hand pressing towards her arse hole

10 thoughts on “Watching myself

  1. I liked the image and loved your comments about it.

    I have a similar kink “watching myself” and I could relate to your feelings.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow, that’s an incredibly hot picture! The composition and focus are spot on, and like you said, being your own voyeur is quite a turn-on too!

  3. Yes I am so with you on the self voyeurism thing. In the past I have been known to take more pictures than I really needed just to prolong my viewing pleasures


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