So I recently bought a turquoise version of this underwear set Playful Promises  Junko Origami Cut out. I liked how it made me feel. Sexy and exposed, yet completely covered. Wearing cut out underwear isn’t always easy and I worry I’m spilling out of this set and I pride myself in wearing well fitting underwear. Maybe I’ll ignore my negative inner voice and focus on my feelings.  Colour photograph on half of my torso wearing a black cut out bra and knickers set.

This is day 4 of my FebPhotoFest 2020

February Photo Fest 2020 logo of colourful lip print

9 thoughts on “Black cut out bra

  1. I love this set on you! I hear you on priding yourself on well fitting undies, but the natural curve and resistance to where fabric is and isn’t is soooo a part of the intrigue, don’t you think? You’re not a mannequin, you’re a human being – one who always happens to look fab in her underthings!

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