Day 18 My old but shiny ring. #SinfulSunday

I got married nearly 14 years ago, but for at least the last 10 years my wedding ring has been rather loose. I was at my biggest when we married but I’ve been even slimmer recently to the point where my wedding ring has been falling off. When I dropped it into a Tesco freezer I realised I couldn’t put off getting it resized any longer. The jewellers had it for a few weeks and yesterday I was so pleased to collect it. It had to be re-polished so it looks new – which is lovely but in someways seems a shame. However I was delighted with how it looked in the following photograph.

Click the lips below to see who else is playing this Sinful Sunday and for February Photofest.


    1. I hated being without it. I even got a ring to replace it for the few weeks because I couldn’t bare to be without. It was only a £1.49 mood ring. But it fitted and made me smile. He was pleased with the photo too. So I was . Thanks x

  1. Your ring isn’t the only beautiful thing in that photo! These are both beautiful pictures; I really love the light in the second one! It would be a pretty great addition to Kilted Wookie’s B&W Tumblr collection!

  2. What an amazing shot. I bought my rings Indigo and Isobel partly because I couldn’t stand that naked feeling, so I can relate. And I know what you mean about removing the patina of years of wearing, but I do love the photos showing your shiny new. The aesthetics really do show in your work including the fabulous “cock shot”!

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