So I recently went on a sale shopping spree at Playful Promises and one of my purchases was this turquoise Junko Origami Cut out set. I couldn’t decided whether I liked the natural shape it gave to my boobs or not. It’s almost like it isn’t there but it’s actually pretty supportive.

Out of all the photos I took I liked this one the most. What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “New Turquoise bra

  1. Pretty- I know what you mean about “Natural shape” – while I think it looks quite lovely! We are totally conditioned that bras are supposed to “lift and separate.” Says who though? Sexy image and sexy bra- thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s odd – I never thought about what my boobs should look like in a bra before really. I know some make them more pointy or uplifted than others but this just seems to accent their usual shape. I kinda like it – thank you x

  2. I love it, so unusual and teasing (what it leaves out is as alluring as what it enhances!) Such a great colour, it really enhances the pale-ness of your glowing skin. Your shape is great, better for it’s naturalness than some of the pneumatic silhouettes bras CAN give!

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