This odd balled horseshoe is just to remind me that things don’t have to be perfect. I lost one of the silver balls a while ago but like the look of it with the black one.

I’m trying to learn (in my general life) at the moment that change is normal, and it’s good to be flexible.

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4 thoughts on “Odd Balled Horseshoe Nipple Jewellery #SJC 73

  1. I love your jewellery and your fabulous pictures, and I’m really inspired to get mine done. I’ve had other body piercings done, and loved them, but when it comes to nipples, I have two worries ; catching them in my bra lace and/ or losing any sensation (although I’ve heard that the opposite is usually the case). Any advice and tips?

    1. I haven’t lost sensitivity and find bras actually stop my piercing moving or rubbing. But I don’t wear very lacy bras. It only catches on a My fishnet bodystocking if I’m not careful. Go to someone you trust. Make sure you follow post piercing instructions to the letter. Only wear bars initially and don’t be tempted with cheap jewellery that you can’t guarantee are stainlesssteel or titanium and know your size well. Best perfectly fitting jewellery is important. Less movement and snagging. If you don’t like it you can always remove it. They heal up quickly. I’ve had mine 20 years. I like the difference of one done and not the other. But only do it if you are sure. Happy to answer any specific questions too x x

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