I gave up caffeine a few years ago for health reasons but I do love a hot drink in the morning. I’ve become a fan of different herbal teas and on mornings when I have time I love a whole pot. Today’s is Mango and Cucumber.

A close up colour photograph of a naked woman sat at a table poring a grey teapot into a mug. The mug is white with a pair of breasts drawn on it.  The table is dark wood and you can just see the woman’s torso up to her smile.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words written over a pink lip print

6 thoughts on “Sunday tea

  1. I have mostly given up caffeine too. I do have a green tea in the morning and one cup of normal tea in the afternoon but all the coffee I drink is decafe and the rest of the tea. Like you I love a hot drink…. even on a hot day which a certain someone things is bonkers but they are wrong


  2. I don’t drink much caffeine, just one mug in the morning to start my day but I need better mugs, yours is just brilliant!

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