I awoke to the sound of bird song and the awareness of her lying next to me.

The day before had been wonderful, ending with a rather drunk evening. She had gone to bed earlier and I had crashed next to her late on, a bit worse for wear.

The morning light was bright and I longed to reach out and touch her, but I stayed still. Not wanting to disturb her. Aware it was early, but not sure how early. My head was fuzzy, but not banging. I realised I was thirsty but not feeling dreadful so the alcohol hadn’t worn off yet. Maybe if I stayed in bed for a bit longer I could stave off the hangover that would obviously be hitting me soon.

She moved and carefully got out of bed without touching me. I heard her go into the bathroom and make quiet noises in the kitchen returning quickly with a glass of water. She gently got back into bed and I rolled towards her and murmured “Morning”

She ran her hand over my naked shoulder and down my arm. Her touch switched my fuzzy brain into a concentrated focus on her finger tips and I pressed myself up against her. Cat like, I nudged her, wanting to feel that hand again. This time her hand travelled down over my hip, feeling the curve towards my arse. I wanted her. I’d wanted her all of yesterday and it had been distilled overnight to an intense hunger.

I felt under the edge of the soft shirt she’d slept in and stroked the warm skin on her back. This time she moved towards me and we wrapped ourselves around each other.

Now our hands moved quicker – purposefully exploring. Up over hardening nipples and down between warm thighs. She pulled the shirt over her head and I took one nipple between my lips. Darting my tongue over it, slightly grazing it with my teeth and then sucking it harder into my mouth. I stopped to kiss her, letting my tongue play with hers. I wanted to taste her cunt, but she had her fingers pressed against mine and I couldn’t help myself as I rolled back and opened my legs for her. She has slim fingers pretty fingers, and she knows just how to use them. Pressing her palm against my clit and with two fingers inside me I was quickly panting and needing to release. Out of habit I whispered “please”, and she grinned her “yes” as I felt my juices flow over her fingers, down my thighs. She didn’t pause there. After maybe two more I managed to roll her over and finally got to taste her beautiful sweet cunt. I repaid the heavenly favour using my tongue and my fingers. Back and forth we went, until the bed was wet and we both lay there spent.

She got up to make me some tea as I could feel the booze was starting to wear off and the hangover kick in. She brought it back in and sat next to me in bed as I picked up my camera.

She sneaked a photograph of me as I sneaked a photograph of her.

Black and white photograph of a naked woman in bed propped up on one arm holding a camera with the other.

Colour photograph of a close up of a naked woman’s legs crossed sitting on a bed

9 thoughts on “Morning moments

  1. What a delicious story and those pics are wonderfully intimate. I can think of worse ways to wake up.

  2. I love that moment when you wake up and reach for each other and fingers and hands and mouths follow one another. So delicious. And both of those pictures are wonderful!

  3. Best to love before the pain sets in. This just reminds me of how soft and sweet women can be. It’s been years since I’ve been with one and stories like this always put it in my brain and make me hungry for it.

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