This week it’s prompt week and the theme is “I am…” I am many things to many people and was unsure how to get across all my facets as mother, wife, professional, etc so instead I turned it on it’s head and thought about what has really made me feel more like me. What has made Missy be able to be Missy? And my answer was him and how his love and protection has given me that solid base to go and be whatever I want and need. Whether that is stepping up as boss, having the perseverance to be a parent or putting my photography out there on a blog.

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28 thoughts on “I am Protected.

  1. This is perfect <3 Stunning. I wanted to do something similar but I couldn't suss how I wanted to do it. Your image is beautiful – it didn't even need the words to it, you have managed to display it all. I love it <3 x

  2. This is SO lovely! It made me awwww aloud and smile, and I immediately shared it with my partner, who also swooned. What a great idea! It’s amazing how a small gesture or posture can contain so much meaning. <3

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