I’ve had a wonderful weekend being Missy. Meeting friends, having fun at Eroticon in London. It’s no surprise that today I feel the drop too, the dip after the adrenaline and excitement of the weekend. But luckily I’m not working today. I don’t have to be Boss or Mum (kids are at school) so for a few more hours I can enjoy being Missy still. She’d most like to stay in bed all day fucking her husband but unfortunately has things to do.

Missy who does her domestic chores but with a mischievous grin on her face and very little clothes. Missy who cooks her husband a lovely tea while wiggling her butt to 6music.

Missy who doesn’t care it’s only 5 degrees out and hangs out the washing in the sunshine. If Eroticon can make me feel more like Missy more often – then maybe I should go every year!

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17 thoughts on “Monday for Missy

    1. It is freeing. I’ve loved twitter for that and then into my blog – and it’s moved into meeting lots of people in real life where I can be my Missy part and not have to hide it. ? thanks for adding to that this weekend.

    1. I’ve just read your post and completely agreed! I’m pleased I wasn’t working today actually. I think I would have struggled more a little like you – I think our similarities go further than our name! ??

      1. Yes it is uncanny. I am glad we have the same name though as it meant that I got to meet you and chat properly. Good luck tomorrow ?

  1. I love the idea of being able to wander around naked – I live in a built up estate, lots of windows pointing in my direction…..good for you, I think I would scare the neighbours 😉

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