This month’s SinfulSunday prompt is the colour white. I could have easily just used a fully naked photograph of myself because I’m so pale as you can see in this alabaster image. I thought that may be a bit of a cop out so what else could I do? I rarely wear white apart from the odd white shirt (seen wet in this image) but I do have one white (ish) outfit I wore 15 years ago, that has been sat in a box on top of my wardrobe since.

So this week I decided to try my wedding dress on again. It does fit (in fact a touch baggy) and I had an entertaining few hours trying to get some photographs. Then an even more entertaining few hours with my husband (while still wearing my dress!)

I hope you enjoy my images for this week’s white prompt. Click the lips below to see what others are posting for Sinful Sunday

27 thoughts on “White Wedding

  1. I really like the top image; the halved composition draws the eye.

    And I’ve no doubt more than a few women would be envious that you can still fit in your wedding dress!

  2. This just makes me hope that there are tons of knickerless brides out there that we don’t know about… I so love the first image. Very cheeky!

  3. Yes there is something deliciously hasty about the top one, like you’ve just done an impromptu flash for the photographer. The angle of your arm/elbow is a lovely counterpoint to the organic folds of the dress and the symmetry of your legs.
    Indie x

  4. Brilliant…. I love that top image so much. It reminds me of one I had on my Tumblr of a girl doing the same thing but she has welt whip marks on her bottom and wearing a red dress.


  5. This reminds me of the “abductedbride” shoot I did with W in Kink & Poly. Your images are much more sophisticated though! I do adore the composition of that top one.

    1. I’d love to do any form of abducted shoot. But with there being just me as photographer and model it’s tough. I like a challenge though ?

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