Two years ago on twitter I did an #a2zsubmiss series over the summer, one letter everyday with an erotic image showing lots of different aspects of myself, my kinks and loves.When I started this blog in January I decided to do the series again. Some images were the same, some newly edited and some I new photographs I have done recently. I’ve posted one each week and last week I got to Z. I like the discipline of a weekly prompt so I thought I would keep going and see if I can get to Christmas and Z again!Today’s A is a truly summery image. A is for my Alabaster skin shot from Above in my garden.

Colour photograph of a pale woman laying on my front completely naked on bright green grass wearing only a large straw sun hat.

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3 thoughts on “a2zsubmiss A for Alabaster

  1. Great idea! I missed you A to Z last year as I wasn’t in this corner of twitter. I do so love an alabaster skin and wince when I read of people looking forward to getting a tan. I have had a bit of skin cancer so am well aware of the harming effects of the sun. Looking forward to your journey through the alphabet.

    1. They are all on here to so feel free to scroll back! My family have also had skin cancer and so I have all the risk factors. I’m so careful in the sun partly because I burn so easily! This image was for the camera only!

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