Those of you that follow me will have probably seen my previous fishnet Bodystocking pics which I posted on a SinfulSunday post here, here and here.

I’m pleased that Molly asked if she could use one for these photographs for this weeks Kink of the Week.

I wanted to further explore my reaction to fishnets. Do they suggest vulnerability or emphasis strength? Do they appeal for what they hide or for what (and how) they show? They are something I’ve only really worn in the last few years and generally only for my husband, so these three photographs are something different. Remember things are not always what they seem.

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26 thoughts on “Fishnets #KOTW

  1. Thank you Missy for yet more of the lovely you in fishnet fashion (if one pair of those legs is your hubby, my money’s on the paler fishnets being you ?).

    Anyway, to your musings. To me, they definitely appeal for what they show but it’s that almost furtive glimpse of what’s beneath that makes them so alluring. As for whether they show vulnerability or strength, I would say they convey the confidence of the wearer.

  2. Oooo these pics are fabulous. I’m not surprised it took so long to shoot and edit but it was totally worth it. So interesting and I would love to know how you did them. I have experimented with double exposure but not to that effect ?

          1. I must try it and see. Though I’m not sure the effect would be the same on my model. He is definitely of the larger variety

  3. Oh you two these are fantastic. I love that you did this together (damn that man has a fine pair of legs) Yet again your photography totally wows me


  4. Bravo to him for joining in. I had a moment where I was super impressed that you managed to superimpose yourself before I saw it was your hubby. Great creative photo

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