My husband and I aren’t very serious. We have comedy catchphrases for lots of situations, we thrive on sarcasm and the only television we enjoy together is usually comedy. So we laugh quite a lot. In fact I’ve been told I laugh too much sometimes. I’m the type of person who gets pointed out at comedy gigs for laughing quickest and loudest at the dirty innuendos. It’s also a well known fact in our household that I laugh at my own jokes far too much.

So do we laugh during sex? Of course we do. There is nothing funnier than the sound made when I can’t hold back a laugh with my mouth full of cock. The resulting snort/bubble/stuff-mouthed-trumpeting noise tends to lead to further giggles and a worsening situation. To the point of tears running down our faces.

Oral sex tends to be the funniest situation. Once recently I told my husband how my clit was sore because I’d rubbed out three wanks already that day. With his head between my legs he asked if he could “kiss it better”. I told him he could “lick it better” and as he started, I realised what the phrase sounded like and said it again. Emphasising the last word and sounding harsh. “No. Lick it BETTER!” Which I obviously found hilarious (see my previous point)

I have now ruined the term ‘kiss it better’ in our house and fits of giggles always ensue.

Another time when he was between my legs and the term “play me like a kazoo” was uttered – followed by several ridiculous renditions of Led Zeppelin’s Whole lotta Love and Smoke on the water by Deep Purple.

Our fun isn’t only reserved to ourselves. It was also an utter delight recently, to find myself face to face with another woman (we were both being well and truly fucked hard at the time) we kissed, banged teeth together and it being so joyous we were both laughing and giggling about it all.

Some people have commented on my smile being a real logo of mine – but I think my sexual giggles and laughter are probably a truer depiction of me.

12 thoughts on “Laughter

  1. Sex offers so many opportunities for laughter. The more fun we have, the better. I once fell off the bed after giving a blow job and promptly snorted cum out of my nose as a result. We laughed so hard about that, it sort of went down in history and we laugh about it still. Life is often too serious. Laughter is necessary.

  2. This is just absolutely lovely. Your picture is one of your very best – against some er ‘stiff’ competition. One can feel the glee rippling off you, and a lovely tale to go with it. Loved it.

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