I’ve had my black leather collar for several years and for a Christmas present last year my husband got me a new tag for it that said ‘Anal Whore’ on one side and ‘If found please use’ on the other. This tickles me every time I wear it and you can see how much I enjoy that in this post from last New Years Eve.

D/s plays only a small part in our relationship and so the collar has never been that symbolic or important to us, but as things are continually changing I’ve been thinking about people who wear day collars or a permanent symbolic other item instead and wondering whether that may work for us. Ultimately the answer is yes and no. I can’t wear any jewellery everyday so a bracelet or necklace wouldn’t be possible, and the thought of an anklet would be nice till I realised I couldn’t wear it with tights (which have become a bit more common on me these days too) Yet I’ve always worn a symbol of our love and my devotion on my left hand fourth finger. My wedding ring is more important than any other jewellery I own and this year I finally got it resized so it wasn’t too big. You can see it looking shiny and new in this post.

After all of these thoughts though I did ask my husband for a piece of jewellery for my 40th birthday. He bought me a necklace for my 30th that I love which is wonderfully colourful but I asked him for a metal necklace that maybe had a hint of day collar about it. Something that can remind me of that part of our relationship when I’m wearing it on nights out.

This is what he chose (he actually bought me two pendants but I find myself wearing this one more) and I love it. I can’t wear it much but when I do, I often find my hands going to it, moving the rings slightly, absently thinking of what it means.

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