It was a warm evening in Soho and he met me straight from work. We downed a double gin and tonic and he wanted to dump his bag before we found somewhere to eat.

I asked if I could help relieve some of his work stress and went to unbutton his jeans. He undressed quickly. His cock springing to attention. “I’m going to cum in about 15 seconds today” he growled “what toys do you have with you?” Luckily I always travel with my favourite glass dildo so I pulled it out of my bag by the bed along with my favourite lube.

He fucked me hard and fast with the dildo until I made a puddle and then lubed up his fingers and started playing with my arse. He pressed the smaller end of my glass toy into my arse at the same time shoving his cock into my wet cunt. Teasingly he didn’t move his cock much but kept push rhythmically and slowly worked my dildo in and out, making me groan.

He knew what I wanted and after removing the dildo and lubing up his cock he pushed it straight into my tight arse. It was everything I had hoped for and more. He hadn’t finished though and turned the dildo round so the big end once again pushed into my cunt. I could feel the hard lumps of glass pushing into my flesh and his hot cock pressing against it in my arse. “I’ve been fantasising about you filling my arse with cum” I panted as he pounded me. “Who says I’m coming to cum in your arse?” I gasped with disbelief as he pulled out his cock. Turned me over and spurted his deliciously hot jizz all over my face.

He knew what ticked my boxes. Feeling full, feeling used and going out for dinner with his cum rubbed into my face and neck. Hoping I might get rewarded after dinner.

A photograph of a windowsill looking out onto a Soho square in London. On the windowsill is a bottle of nearly empty liquid Silk lube, a pair of men’s glasses with black frames and a glass dildo which is bumpy.

He isn’t one for photos but I did get a quick pic of his glasses

Sinful Sunday logo with the words in black written over a pink lip print

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