I’ve been walking a lot during lockdown. There is a lovely footpath that goes out of my village through some fields and around a wood which takes me a couple of hours to do. Last month I even managed an average of 10k steps a day (which I’ve never managed in my entire life) but now I’m back at work and my time for wandering is gone during the week so this morning I set off in the rain to do the same walk. Stupid of me not to put sunscreen on though as after 20 mins the sun came out. I have to be so careful because I burn so easily (and one of my family had skin cancer) and have been putting it on everyday (except today) I am kicking myself for my stupidity. Pink chested and old enough to know better.

Colour photograph of me naked learning over a wooden table showing a pink chest due to sunburn

12 thoughts on “Pink Chest

  1. Oh goodness … I didn’t notice the sunburn at first … I was SO distracted by the lovely foreground.
    And love the way your nipple ring is just kissing the table top !!!
    LOVE this photo !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. As I write this comment I’m basking in the glow of some rather pink arms. Solidarity ouch, but also a hot photo!

  3. Snap! Except it’s the back of my neck, although I’m a real sucker for running my nails over sunburn. And yes, I know I should be more careful too.

  4. I know you are unhappy with the burn but I do love how the shape of it is mirrored by the shape of both your boobs and curve under your arms.


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