I’ve previously written about how much I love His Hands so it’s no surprise to find myself with another image of his hands on/in me. His large (often rough) hands have such an amazing effect which I never tire of.

As I’ve said before I’m a very tactile person. People undervalue the use of fingers during sex. I don’t. I love all the fingers. (And quite often the hand too) In my cunt, in my mouth and in my arse.

This quickly taken image is a view I’d never see of myself and therefore a sexual delight, and one I’m incredibly grateful that he took for me.

A close up colour image of a man’s hand on a woman’s arse with his middle two middles pushed into her cunt and the thumb, first finger and little finger spread out. Almost gripping her.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words in black over a pink lip print.

5 thoughts on “Fingers

  1. Ouuuffff …. The masculine hands, the way they are buried in you, the sheen of your juices on them…. It is ALL just ouufff


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