I’m a tactile person and so hands are very important to me. I work a lot with mine and love fine delicate details, like completing a cross-stitch. I enjoy playing music and the feel of the manual dexterity and muscle memory when playing a familiar tune is a comforting skill. To my fine precision placed hands his are so very different but something I love. He works outdoors so his fingers and palms are course and rough with work. Somedays so rough they catch on my smooth layers or lacy clothes. He also has much more strength in hand and arm than me and the stamina to use them again and again.

I never tire of his hands. The feeling when he holds both my wrists with one hand and pins me down. When he grips me by my throat as he’s fucking me. When he slaps my arse and leaves a perfect print or when he’s gently holding me, I feel safe, protected and loved in his hands.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of photographing his hands on me. There are several links above you can see them, and it’s no surprise they feature in my Avi too. Here is a new photograph of his hand on me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed taking it.

25 thoughts on “His Hands

  1. I love hands too, male hands are so sexy, the potential for gentleness or brutal ness that lies therein… I have also included a hand in my image this week. Great intimate image and post, thank you for sharing xx

  2. I love hands. Like you I like doing things with my hands but when it comes to hands that turn me on they are always male. There is something watching him doing everyday stuff, like typing or eating and imaging his hands on my body that just makes me shiver in delight


  3. I feel the same about my husband’s hands. There’s is simply something so engaging about the strength of a man’s hands…their size…the story they tell. Beautiful photograph.

  4. Definitely an excellent photo that captures the strength of his hands. Just the way he squeezes… Great writing as well. It all paints a clear picture that makes one think of all those things bring done to you (or me, as I can’t help imagining myself being in those positions and under someone’s hand).

  5. I love watching hands in general, but especially JB’s hands — and you make me want to capture an image like this with him. UNF.

    Also, I cross-stitch too! It’s a creative outlet (which seems weird considering I’m a writer, I know) and a way to calm my very frantic, anxious, busy mind.

  6. I love this image. I love hands as well. I talk with mine as an interpreter and spend a lot of time looking at others hands. There is something about the art of touch that tends to get lost and there is nothing like bein touched!

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