Sometimes we are lucky enough to play with other people. I’m still amazed at how excited and turned on I get from watching him fuck other women. It’s also fun when I join in. Either with my strap on or as the “clean up crew”

I managed to take a quick snap of them together as I stood over them watching. I particularly love the indentation from his thumb.

A black and white photograph taken from above the bed looking down at a slightly hairy man being the big spoon to a softer thinner woman. His hand is on her thigh and you can see the indentations of his fingers in her flesh. The image is quite dark with high contrast.
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3 thoughts on “Watching them from above

  1. There really is something so hot about the way a partner looks fucking someone else. Maybe it’s because we see how hot they are from angles we wouldn’t necessarily see, who knows what it is but let’s wallow in that hotness!

  2. Totally agree about watching a partner with someone else. Something insanely hot about it. I love the sharing and being part of it all.


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