Thinking of you right now. Wondering if you’ll be my Valentine. Hoping you’d take me out for a drink, maybe a light dinner, then show me that special place you talk about. That well equipped dungeon with warm coloured walls and leather padded benches. With all those items for torture and teasing hung from the walls.

For you to tell me to strip and watch me undress, then tie me carefully but firmly to the bench. To tease my bare arse with floggers, the crop and the cane. My arse turning into the perfect red Valentine’s Day heart. And then for me to beg for some fingers in my cunt.

Thinking of you while I make myself come.

Colour photograph showing colourful painted toenails on feet in focus and in the background there is an out of focus image of some fingers dipping into a cunt
Wicked Wednesday colourful logo

6 thoughts on “Will you be my Valentine?

  1. Beautiful picture! I like the color of your nail polish and the way the picture is focused. It adds a bit of subtlety and still turns me on. Also, the dungeon idea sounds like a smashing good time!

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