Photograph of a naked female torso which is mainly black and white apart from some bright pink bondage tape wrapped around her breasts binding her tightly.

I love the tightness and the restriction of bondage tape. It’s versatility has come in very useful in our play and especially in my photography when the prompt this week is Pink.

I’ve used pink bondage tape in a couple of other posts. Check out Bound in Pink and Q is for Quiet if you’d like to see it used on other areas of me.

To see a few other pretty pink images I’ve taken you could check out Pink Striped and my Pink Balled Nipple Bar

16 thoughts on “Bind Me

  1. Brilliant . . . brilliant tape and brilliantly, brilliantly done !!!
    And I’ve just been enjoying clicking onto your previous “pinks” as well.
    Clever, fun . . . and sexy !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. I love the contrast of your monochrome flesh with the tight bind of the bright pink tape, and how you look like you’re presenting yourself. Absolutely stunning missy!

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