When I book to stay places these days I’m always thinking about the photos. Sometimes it’s hard to tell in a big hotel if you’ll get a room with good natural light or south facing windows. If you ask about the light or window direction they get suspicious as most places don’t want any form or commercial filming/photography without them knowing. So sometimes it’s pot luck. I had a recent stay in a little apartment which was a much needed break but the light and windows were poor. I had a lovely weekend but only managed a few photos. This is one.

Colour photograph of my naked torso. There is sunshine shining onto my body and a blurry image of a large white bed behind me.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words written over a pink lip print.
Boobday logo with the words in white written over a warm image of a naked chest

6 thoughts on “Apartment light

  1. I hate it when that happens. The place with the dressing table mirror that I posted during FebPhotofest had that exact issue but like you I still managed to get something good. It was also the same place with the mirrored bedside table that I used to create the image looking up to my boobs. What I love about staying somewhere is just that new space to explore


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