Sometimes you just need to get up high for a shot. Especially when someone like the beautiful Zebra Rose is tied with their hands behind their back from the ceiling with their arse up and head down. So I climbed on a table and took this photograph with my camera held high.

A black and white photograph looking down at a woman kneeling on the floor with her head down and hands tied behind her back attached to a rope which goes up to the ceiling. At the edge of a shot is a man holding a Flogger.

Sinful Sunday logo with the words in black over a pink lip print.

5 thoughts on “Looking down

  1. very interesting shot! There’s a whole story in that one image.

    And the shadow of the strap on the floor is pretty phallic looking …

  2. I am so curious what this feels like. I enjoy the sensation of my hands behind my back like that but never held it for long so I look at this and wonder if I could do it


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