I can never forget the feeling of her coming on my fingers. The smell of arousal filling the room, I’d spent the time teasing her. Snapping away with my camera and not quite giving her the physical attention her cunt needed, but all the attention of my creative eye. My fingers flicker and then stay still as the shutter clicks open and closed. She likes it when I photograph her, it ticks her objectifying boxes. It seems to both calm her and stoke her fire.

Her hands are now making fists on her thighs, and she struggles to stay still. My camera still in my other hand I take another shot. I can feel her tell tale tremble starting, I focus again on my finger movement. The room is quiet apart from the sound of my shutter and her breathing. She builds to her peak almost silently. Our movements are minimum but with maximum affect. The grip on my single finger and her whole body shudder with tension and then relaxation fills me with pure joy.

Nearly all my masturbation fantasies finish with the person in my mind having an orgasm which will then trigger mine. I don’t imagine myself coming but their orgasm always gets me off.

I crave other people’s orgasms. Maybe it’s because I’m a people pleaser. Maybe it’s because I like being good at whatever I set out to do. (I’m a classic over achieving third child) but making someone else come often has a reciprocal affect. I know we shouldn’t see orgasms as the main goal of sex, but if I’m wanting to pleasure someone then it’s often something we head towards. Perhaps it’s the power play that I enjoy as a submissive that shows my attention and devotion to the subject before me. I love the look on their faces, the trembling of their body, the scent and heat. I just love helping other people come.

A close up colour photograph of my left hand with my middle finger inside a pale beautiful vulva with a small patch of pubic hair on the monpubis   My wedding ring is visible on my ring finger.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words written in black over a pink lip print
Kink of the week logo with the words in black written over a red lip print

8 thoughts on “Other people’s orgasms

  1. The subject and the object.
    Great image and description of the person behind the camera too.
    A satisfying softness all round.

  2. lovely photo and the words reminded me of my first taste of a woman. well over 50 years ago. Dale was delicous and i still love the taste. Thanks for the memory

  3. Yep, I totally get this. Also this is a truly stunning image. I am not sure how you managed to capture it so perfectly with one hand


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