I know it’s probably a cliche to discuss weight at New Year but for the prompt of the letter O I thought it would be a reasonable thing to photograph.

I’m not talking about health and fitness. I know bigger people who are much fitter than me and skinny people who are unhealthy too so I’m not discussing health here or that of anyone else. Just my weight. I weigh more than I have for years and I’m not that happy with it. It’s probably a combination of me losing my regular exercise that I did pre Covid, my love of cheese and chocolate and the changes of my hormones with perimenopause creeping up on me.

I don’t need tips or help to lose weight. I don’t need compliments from others. I need to remember that my body and my feelings towards it shouldn’t be focused on my weight. 2022 has been a tough year and that has been reflected in my mood and I need to try and work on loving myself again and learning to do things for me again.

It’s been easier to take photographs of other people recently so I don’t have to think about my shape, so in 2023 I’m going to get back to basics and use my photography as a way of falling back in love with my body.

A close up colour photograph of the middle third of my body. From just above my breast to my mid thigh. I’m gripping my fingers into the squishy flesh of my belly
Sinful Sunday logo with the words in black written over a pink lip print

7 thoughts on “Overweight

  1. This image reminds me of one or two that I have taken for my blog. Sometimes my words have been kind and sometimes they have been cruel. I would lend you my eyes any time that you wanted to fall back in love with your body. You have got this.

  2. Oh I can relate to this a lot. I almost wrote similar but decided for whatever reason just to present my images instead. It’s interesting though because if I took this image of myself I know I’d have strong feelings about it, but when I see yours I just think it’s lovely. Perhaps a good reminder to be as kind to ourselves as we are to others, thank you for sharing this it’s giving me a lot of good inspiration x

  3. I can totally relate to this. No matter what I seem to do the menopause weight seems tricky to shift. I try really hard to love and accept the body I am in which is actually something that keeps me taking my images.

    I have one in my drafts folder for my 365 project on Mastodon which when I took it I was like a bit, urgh, because it feels all rolls but the more I look at it and the more I finding beauty in it. I know it will be a challenging one to share though


  4. It’s interesting how many of us relate to this, that pull towards thinking negatively about ourselves is so ingrained that it can be hard to resist – especially during difficult years. I am so glad though for you and this amazing group of people actively choosing to find ways to think differently. I hope that this year allows you to do that again, along with the rest of us.

  5. Oh I relate to this! I’m the largest I’ve ever been and definitely my most unhealthiest too. Not needing to leave the house takes it’s toll.

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