34 thoughts on “Double Up

  1. Sensual symmetry…I’d love some friends to create shots with! I particularly like the contrasts and combination of the visual elements; line and perspective on the floor, texture and pattern on the stool and form and tone in the models. Really stunning! x

  2. I just love the symmetry in your images. It is interesting that you comment on the difficulty of different leg lengths because that Is completely hidden to the untrained eye in your image. I am really enjoying the images that you have taken which include other people. You are so talented and I love that you have these as well as your self portraits ?

    1. The joy of taking photographs of others is only hampered because I feel bad making them take several till I get it right! But thank you x

    1. I love symmetry. I often try and keep away from it but it often creeps into my photographs without me trying. I just find such comfort in it. X

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