I recently stayed in a very small Airbnb apartment that had lots of quirky touches including this hook on the bathroom door.

I don’t know if my readers are the same but I know a few friends, who like me, probably like the idea of being tied to the door with our legs open wide.

A close up black and white photo of a hook on the back of a bathroom door. But the hook is black metal in the shape of a human with the arms up screwed to the door and the legs out front open wide.
Black and white photograph of the above described bathroom hook (which is the shape of a human attached to the door by their arms and their legs sticking out in front open wide) but with two white towels hanging from the legs.
New sinful Sunday logo with the words in a red in a black square and in the middle is an 80’s inspired neon lip shape with yellow and red zigzags over it.

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