In the time before, when we could meet friends and share meals and intimate evenings together, I took some pleasure in writing some Haiku on Haiku. The patience and unusual stillness of the amazing Haiku meant I didn’t just write on her back but her leg too. For Throwback Thursday here is the other Haiku. One she had written herself a while before. I wanted to write one on her arse cheeks but maybe next time!

Black and white  photograph  of a  woman’s legs entwined with male legs and one ankle there is writing that says “be silent be still” but my involuntaryfoot curls round his ankle

2 thoughts on “Write on

  1. Hi Missy, WordPress won’t let me click “like” – don’t know why. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your month of February Photofest, and I love that you’re sticking with this blog, always interesting to see what you come up with or pull from the archives. This one in particular was lovely. There is so much I enjoy about body writing. Recently I saw some work by Lesley Dill which incorporated this sort of thing beautifully, you might enjoy it. Search for “a word made flesh” by Lesley Dill.. I really love the one with letters going down the spine. xx Lexy

    1. Thank you so much Lexy. I’ll check my WordPress and see if there is anything that needs updating. Missy x

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