I wouldn’t previously have called myself a voyeur. I don’t watch a huge amount of porn and I’m more an exhibitionist. Wanting to be watched or caught in the act, but things have changed as my husband and I have ventured further with our relationship to include other people. I never realise how turned on I would get, watching him with other women to the point that I can’t wait to see it again.

The first time we had sex with another woman the act of him fucking her from behind while I lay watching and wanking was incredibly hot. I was so excited at him being so excited and him watching me getting more and more aroused spurred him on more. It was an amazing virtuous circle.

Since then it has grown. Knowing both the other people makes a difference. Watching her with her legs up over his shoulders shuddering from his cock. I know how both of them feel. I’ve felt his cock pound me like that but I’ve also felt her shudder under me with my fingers pressed deep inside feeling her grip me. The pleasure in watching them both is amazingly arousing. In fact in that exact moment my own cunt was making a pool on the bedsheets next to them.

But my thoughts on voyeurism have changed with my photography too. As long as there is consent, the act of taking photographs of others engaged in some activity has made me feel like I’m not just a viewer, but involved and part of the scene. The one time I took photographs of an intense BDSM scene I moved from being a watcher to involved. Feeling and trying to anticipate every movement of the cane.

I’ve taken some images when we have fucked other people but usually I’ve been too involved to want to stop and get the camera out. But I’d really like to enjoy taking photographs of my husband fucking another woman. Being part of their scene not just as someone to document how hot they look and how beautifully they are moving together but also being the audience for them to perform too.

Then maybe I’d be told to put the camera away. To sit down and keep quiet. Suddenly ticking all my submissive and humiliation boxes. Wondering if they will even let me play with myself as I watch. Watch as she kisses him deeply and then takes his cock I’m her mouth. Unable to take my eyes off them as he positions her so that when he pushes her cock inside her I can see her face and his.

Maybe at some point they take pity on me and pass me a dildo I can use on myself. Them laughing at how desperately I need my cunt filling as I watch him pound her. Knowing that if I’m a good girl he may let me lick and play with her while he’s fucking her. Pulling out his cock for me to suck her juices off. Keeping my hands to myself until I’m given the nod. Being told I’m just the clean up crew. Using my tongue and fingers to enjoy what’s left as they lie there spent, glowing. Knowing that if I’m good enough with my tongue that I can help and make them both cum again and again. Wanting to see an encore and more.

Colour photograph close up of his hand grasping a naked womans buttock as he fucks her from behind
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5 thoughts on “Voyeurism

  1. Voyeurism is my main kink. As you say knowing the others is such a turn on, knowing how good they feel.

    Sums it up beautifully!

  2. This is a perfect summary of voyeurism and everything I’ve experienced of it whilst I was married and a swinger.

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