Sometimes we all need a bit of support from others. This past year has been a great example of that as my work has meant I’ve had little time or energy for much so my fella has taken the strain at home. It’s hard for me to admit I need help being raised as a fiercely independent woman does have its downsides. But his support is not only amazing but also comforting when I’m there in his hands.

Close up colour photograph of a naked woman’s torso. She has her arms raised and two male hands are cradling her naked breasts in their hands.  The man is out of sight behind the torso.
SWAP logo with the words “sharing words and pictures” written with two pink arrows around them making a circle.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words written over a pink lip print.

9 thoughts on “Held up

  1. Such a beautiful, tender picture.
    Some mornings I cuddle up to OH and cradle her breast with my hand and she instinctively presses into me so we spend the next few minutes spooning before it’s time to get up

  2. This is such a beautiful image, and beautiful words too. I’ve really had to learn to let others help this last year, and it has been SO hard. I am glad you feel supported.

  3. That balance is so hard isn’t it, I’m fiercely independent too so asking for help definitely feels like it goes against that. However, we all need support at times and it looks like you’re getting the perfect kind of support!

  4. It’s definitely necessary to take the help and support when you need it, but it really is hard. Mind you not so difficult to accept this kind of support!

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