10 thoughts on “Siren’s call

  1. Your skin looks so soft and smooth against those hard jagged rocks. They make such a good background resulting in really making your body stand out in such a beautiful way.

  2. Ahhh such a beautiful song she sings indeed… and on a totally technical photography note where you not tempted to crop in slightly tighter and get rid of the ‘sky’. Or actually in Photoshop you could have probably filled in the sky with more rocks if the crop messed the centring up.

    Sorry I love little things like that and am also curious how it might change a picture


    1. I tried it without the “sea” and decided it placed me better than without – as in it was a quarry – but I could off the sky above that. I had at least four edited versions and in the end went with this. I often ask hub which he prefers too.
      But I do need to get better at Photoshop too !
      X x

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