Time to stare into my crystal ball and look for my libido. I’ve got a ‘find my’ app on my phone to look for my devices and friends, but there isn’t a category for sexual desire unfortunately. And if there was, it’s bound to point to a spot miles away.

So maybe I shall stick to the crystal ball … I think magic is the only way I’d be able to feel anything sexual at the moment.

Colour photograph of a clear glass ball with an image reflected in it that isn’t seen in the background  the image shows a naked woman’s legs open and hands on her cunt

PS. Big shout out to Bee who took an almost identical image to this for last months prompt called the great masturbator and when I saw their’s I decided not to show mine that week. The similarities are spooky!

SinfulSunday logo with the words over a pink lip print

11 thoughts on “Looking for my libido

  1. I am still giggling at this, what are the chances of both of us coming up with the same thing? Clearly great minds perv alike!

    And I’m sorry your libido has vanished into outer space, I think so many of us have gone though massive changes over the past year that are impacting us in the most frustrating ways.

    1. Even the edit of removing the background image was the same! I loved your black and white version too x x

  2. I sometimes wish that my libido was awol or that I could send it to others. Being needy with no opportunity to get the reciprocation that I need makes it hard work not to spiral negatively. If I could send you mine, life would be better. This image is so beautiful and sexy – just like you.

    1. Thank you. I guess it isn’t just libido that’s missing but that’s mainly what’s my blog is about x x

  3. I have felt mine ebb and flow a bit of this last year but mostly it has stayed pretty consistent. I am grateful to my body for that if I am honest as I think that vanishing on me might be more than I could cope with right now. I hope you find your soon, maybe the coming of spring will help… I know it always makes me extra horny

    Also this image is just wow


  4. It’s been more than 4 months since my wife and I have been intimate. She’s in the same boat as you, though for her this isn’t really abnormal. Hopefully as the world begins to heal the daily stress goes away and both your, and her, libido finds its way back.

    1. I’m sorry it’s been difficult for her too. Fingers crossed we shall all start to feel more normal soon. X

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