16 thoughts on “I am thinking of you

      1. Sometimes less is more. This shot is simply one of the best pictures I have ever seen…but why ?

        It is feminine, delicate and yet so powerful . It is erotic but not actually over explicit, its taboo sultry …you.lurk in the shadows but tease the light. Its charm … allure…sex, soft nuances, its ying its yang its bravery and yet seduction, exhibitionism.. demure privacy …. so so powerful It says (to me..);

        “I so fucking want you to feel….. what Im deliciously beautifully filthily thinking ….about….you”

        Quite simply fucking amazing.

  1. This is one hundred percent my favourite picture in the whole internet. It will henceforth be my inspiration for photos I am taking of myself at the moment (in an effort to reclaim my body, which has sadly been screwed over by covid). Thank you so much.

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