“In life there are two things which are dependable. The pleasures of the flesh and the pleasures of literature.” – Sei Shōnagon

This week’s quote made me smile. I’ve always been a sexual being enjoying the pleasures of the flesh but equally always been an avid reader (mainly fiction)

I’ve written before about how my libido has been severely effected by the lockdown due to Covid-19 and I’ve struggled at certain times over the last year seen in New Day and Just Living but my pleasure for literature hasn’t waned. In fact reading was one of the few things along with long walks, that has got me through lockdown. I binge read, if allowed and able to, I’ll sit down with a book mid afternoon or early evening and read till it’s finished. I like to disappear into a different world or life so it completely take my mind of my here and now. I’m rubbish at remembering authors or titles so I’ve taken to photographing the covers to remind me if people ask. It turns out I’ve read 9 books in 2021 already. None have been long or difficult so it’s been easily done. My house maybe a mess and my work all consuming, but my pleasure of literature endures.

Colour photograph of a naked woman lying on her side in bed reading a book which covers her face  the book is The museum of broken promises
Sinful Sunday logo words over a pink lip print
Quote quest logo which is a photograph of the words on a notepad with a pen and coffee nearby

5 thoughts on “Pleasures of literature

  1. Ohhh any of these would you recommend as a great read?

    I have only managed 2 so far but I am happy with that as my goal for 24 for 2021 is definitely in sight at this rate.

    And like you, I have always been a big reader although over the years it has waned at times but I am definitely back into it now and I love it. There is nothing quite like curling up with a cup of tea and book.


    1. The museum of broken promises was very good. Patrick Gale writes beautiful characters and interesting tales often including LGBTQ+ characters but often the stories don’t have quite so definite endings. (And generally aren’t happy endings)

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