Thankfully I had one glorious weekend with a friend this autumn before rules and regulations changed and I knew we had to take some photographs. Honey is such fun and always game for striping off for photographs and we spent hours on a long walk punctuated with photographic stops.

This is one of my favourite photographs of us. Exploring but together. Connected.

Colour photograph of the back of two naked women in autumnal woods  with brown broken and yellow leaves
SinfulSunday logo of a pink lip print

11 thoughts on “In the Bracken

  1. I’m a sucker for outdoor shots. That sea of golden bracken … But my eye keeps going to your touching hands. Intimate and lovely. Jane xxx

  2. A Honey naked in the woods, that’s a surprising location 😉

    Seriously though, this is such a beautiful image. You both look so at ease and relaxed and the way your hands are connected is so intimate.

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