“Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem

I’m a real planner. I like to know exactly where I’m going on journeys (so plot things on the map even if I have satnav) I like to have things to do and places to see when booking trips and holidays. I couldn’t just turn up and see what takes my fancy. That would make me quite anxious. I realise I plan because I like to be in control in these circumstances and this spans all my aspects of life. Including sex.

Alright I don’t need detailed written scheme of activities before the event but that’s partly because my husband and I often know what we want and if there is going to be something different we talk about it in advance and basically plan. We also do this when playing with other people. I tend to ask what they are looking forward to or what they would like to happen. I discuss with my husband our limits and any no go areas too. I hope it doesn’t come across as cold and calculated but it gives me some needed ease and keeps the anxiety of new situations at bay.

I have been day dreaming a bit lately about seeing our sexy friends again and I really hope it won’t be too long in the future we will have to wait. But my own nighttime dreams are vivid and wild at the moment. Often filled with whatever I’ve watched on telly that evening (often sci-fi) but last night I had a very weird and odd dream about one of my Male twitter friends. It was so memorable I thought I’d share it with you.

I was helping him with his work (I think he was doing a PhD at uni) we were good friends but not lovers but he would set me rather sexy tasks that made me feel quite submissive. He also wore a lot of pink and lilac clothes but they really suited his colouring. We had to do a team obstacle race (under 5 minutes) in a group of four. In a tight indoor place getting under things and over things while being pelted with mince pies. We were pretty good at it and planning on a time of under 4 minutes. But the other two team members ran off because one was a burglar but we knew we couldn’t catch her as she was so fast. We tried but ran through a Hindu wedding ceremony and got distracted, then I started searching for a toilet but I found one that was too tiny to sit on. At that point I woke up (obviously needing a wee) Make of that what you will.

Difficult situations, gender stereotyping, Christmas threatening, timed team race, being let down by colleagues – and obviously having a full bladder in the morning!

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