“Forniphilia is the practice using a person body to create furniture such as a table, stool, lampshade etc.”

He has only used me as an object like this once I think. Before an impact session when I knew what was coming because he knows I’m terrible at waiting. I was his footstool first a short while. I don’t particularly get off on being humiliated like this but making me wait is a good way to make me squirm. I prefer to serve. To be made to waitress with little or no clothes on or to be exposed for others to see. Laid on a table or the centre piece in a room both ignored but admired. Perfect for this shy exhibitionist.

I’d love to get a couple of models to help me take photos like this. sub-Bee has made a perfect standing lamp which reminds me of the photo of TOM I took for Angle Poised and maybe I can get someone to do some more for me in the future. Taking self portraits like this is hard! But I had a go and hope you appreciate it.

Black and white photograph of a single sofa seat and next to it is a naked woman with a tray on top and a wine glass acting as a side table  only her bottom is on display
Kink of the week logo over a red lip print

3 thoughts on “Forniphilia

  1. I’m so glad you joined in with this and I’m so glad I gave you that little spark of inspiration, it’s a kink that is made for photography. Also I need a table as beautiful as you!

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