My blog journey started nearly three years ago and as I was starting to learn how to use my new Canon camera and one of the things I loved taking images of was myself in bodystockings. A sweeping vista and bodystocking £3 shocking were two of my most successful posts and included several images. I feel that for my 150th week of blogging it was a suitable to revisit my body in a bodystocking. I’ve always enjoyed stark, simple images and so here is my most recent offering. My 150th SinfulSunday post and something I hope continues for many more.

Black and white photograph of crossed legs in a larger holed bodystocking with a blck background
Sinful Sunday logo over a pink lip print

12 thoughts on “Bodystocking and legs

  1. As soon as I saw the thumbnail, I thought that this stunning image was you.

    I am so glad that you blog. One day, I hope to develop even a fraction of your skill and talent for these powerfully engaging images.

  2. Yay for 150 blog posts. You made me curious and I went and looked and it appears I am coming up on 2000 posts. Depending on how I do maybe even before Christmas. It would be a good way to end my 10th year of blogging

    Also, damn this shot is amazing


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