Sometimes a piece of my jewellery just speaks to me about how I should photograph it. This light blue nipple bar reminded me of some gloves I have for PPE and so I knew I had to include them. I took these shots this morning and I loved them so much I thought I would make them my SinfulSunday images too. My favourite is the first shot because it includes my shoulder. Which do you like best?

Sinful Sunday logo with the words over a pink lip print
Boobday logo with four colour pics of different shapes boobs

12 thoughts on “Matching my PPE #SJC 173

  1. I was looking at some photos this morning, where a model was wearing a that looked very similar to your gloves in the second shot. However, I’m a sucker for shoulders. And the framing of your piercing (with said gloves) reminds me of pretend-photographing things when I was a child (Not the content, the action!) I love the way the top image creates conflict between an innocent, childlike action, and very adult desires. Gorgeous as always x

  2. What a couple of fun shots! I love that blue… I think I am partial to the second photo myself. Something about the round fullness of your lovely breasts, the symmetry of them, the way you seem to be offering them…

  3. Without hesitation the first one with your shoulder but also the curve of your waist and the shape of your hands round your breast look that looks almost medical in placement and yet it is your own hands. There is something powerful and arresting about that shot for me.


    1. I agree. But sometimes I see a shot and just know I love it without being able to pinpoint why. Thank you for doing so with this one. I knew I wanted to save it for SS and thought the gloves added something a little extra to it. X

  4. I absolutely love the first one, not just the curve of your shoulder and waist but the way the blue gloves frame your breast too.

  5. It is, indeed, a perfect match! I never noticed what a beautiful color those gloves were until they were paired with the right jewelry. Goes to show how important it is to accessorize!

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