“We had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two.” – Louis de Bernieres.

This week’s quote really struck a cord with me. The symbolism of a tree and a relationship is something I have always thought about. Apart from the fact my husband has worked with trees for many years we actually had a reading about them at our wedding 16 years ago. I didn’t tell people at the time but the reading was actually something I wrote. I fished it out today (I knew I kept a copy inside our wedding photo album) I wasn’t sure if after all these years I would have the same thoughts – but I absolutely do. In fact I probably agree with it more now than I did on that day many years ago. It may sound a little twee now but the sentiment still stands

So I thought I would let you read it too.

“Marriage is not a concrete tower to be locked in, but a living, growing, changing thing, like a tree. It starts off small, thin and fragile, like a sapling. Needing only three things: support, space and a rich environment.

Support from friends and family, a solid stake to protect against the winds of change. A new marriage may need guarding, but should not be smothered for it also needs space. Space to grow and put down long deep roots so it can mature. Space for light to shine, leaves to open and the tree to sustain it’s self.

A rich environment is essential in a new marriage. Bountiful love should flow like life giving waters, so that all the time the couple spends together will enrich the foundations and nourish the marriage.

Also a marriage has to endure the hard times, but like trees with drought it makes it stronger and healthier, something that has learnt how to last.

Over time a marriage, like a tree, grows into its own beautiful thing. A natural piece of glorious art that gives back more than it takes. It provides shelter, shade and fruit to all, for a good marriage touches everyone around it.

So grow big, grow tall and grow strong.

Black and white photograph looking up into a large branched tree with two thick trunks
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