Long, leather and firm. Only one side slightly padded. It smells fantastic, and one of the few real leather accessories I have. Offering him this paddle and then offering my arse isn’t something I do lightly, partly because he enjoys the sound and pattern it makes, and it’s been the only item that has brought me close to stopping him, and yet I still love it. I crave it.

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20 thoughts on “Day 26 The Paddle

  1. The images are stunning and powerful yet so are your words. A leather paddle is not something I have or even tried but after reading this I think I will make it a priority to add one to the toy box.

    1. I’m not great with a high level of pain and although I love the cane I can’t take too much. I find I can take a lot more with the paddle but the wallop and the sting are still incredibly satisfying.

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