This week’s SinfulSunday prompt was about getting someone else to edit one of your photographs. I’m lucky to have swapped some images with TOM and she was kind enough to edit the following image for me. I also had a go and it was interesting how I ended up going for a more dramatic look but I loved the letterbox type crop and the colours Tom has managed to pull out of it.

Which do you prefer ?

Colour photograph (long and thin) of a naked pale woman walking away along a country footpath with hedge to the left and wooden fence to the right in long grass
Colour photograph (same as above but edited differently) of a naked woman walking away along a grassy footpath  with a slightly darker greyer sky
Sinful Sunday logo of a pink lip print

12 thoughts on “Edit me

  1. I love the drama of your weir but I like the crop of TOM’s and how it put you close to us, so I would go for a combo but stopping the crop before the top of the tree is lopped off!

  2. The crop’s closeness is nice and the brighter feel smells of summer.

    The bottom feels like an autumn sky, impending storms, change is about to come.
    I like them both but agree the bottom is tops!

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