I always think my horseshoe nipple jewellery looks like arms on my little nipple and I’m often tempted to draw on a worried face. Like it’s being arrested for a crime it didn’t commit. So why not ?

To see my nipple looking less worried in my jewellery you can find my other posts here.

3 thoughts on “Purple Nipple Horseshoe #SJC 134

  1. Very funny – they do look like they are being arrested.

    When I do a boiled egg with soldiers I draw on the egg to make it look like they have been bashed on the head.

    You have to take these opportunities to play don’t you?

  2. As I look at your beautiful nipple wearing the horseshoe, I call to mind “My Favorite Martian” or “Mork and Mindy” with “Nanu Nanu.” So I see “out of this world playfulness and beauty.”

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