Sometimes there are just too many things to think about and they take up too much of my head. The problem is it pushes out all the good stuff. The libido, the creativity, the fun. Maybe we can quiet everything else and let those things in again.

Black and white photograph of a naked woman sat cross legged on the floor with her head in her hands
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12 thoughts on “Too much to think about

  1. I think we can all relate to your head in hands pose these days. Maybe someone should do a fetal position pose. Or I could do a video of me rocking back in forth in a corner.
    I hope you find some peaceful moments amidst all the chaos.

  2. I can relate to this so much at the moment, it’s hard to give space to good and fun stuff with so much going on. I hope you manage to find some peace amongst it all x

  3. A profound photo! In it I imagine “hear no evil,” “speak no evil”, “see no evil” combined with “I’ve got to hold myself together in this crazy world.” All of this captured in you being firmly grounded on your Bottom and Feet and physically drawing your body parts in together to protect the core of who you are from the Strange Forces running amuck through this world and through so many people’s words and behaviors.
    I see you solidly in the present, being physically and emotionally and psychically in touch with all of your self. ….I guess I definitely have too many thoughts coming out!?

  4. Oh can I relate to this sooo much! The image you have chosen to go with your words is beautiful, Missy <3 NAils those feelings os much. I send you all the love and compassion. I understand how you feel xx <3

  5. I relate so much to this, if only the good outweighed the bad sometimes.

    Keep looking after yourself, the good times will come back.

  6. You express so much vulnerability with this picture. I hope that you will be able to quiet the mind eventually again, so you can focus on some of the more lovely things in life.

  7. Totally get that feeling. I am continuing to make time to masturbate as many days as i can so that I keep in touch with that part of me during all this


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