This week is prompt week on SinfulSunday and the prompt is ‘unedited’. Now this is so difficult as the temptation to just lighten it here or crop there, is very real with most of my images. But when I heard the prompt I knew I had at least one photograph that I didn’t want to do anything to. A photograph of @The_Other_me_9 taken at the same time as Double Up. As she sat for me, Tom was incredibly patient as I took loads of photographs and this one makes me think of an oil painting. Let me know what you think.

Colour photograph of a slim naked woman reclining on a shiny stool  the background dark her flesh a warm glow
Sinful Sunday logo of a lip print

15 thoughts on “As she sat…

  1. Absolutely gorgeous with a hint of the hidden mystery and the soft visually enticing corpuss. Like a beautiful portrait painted on a leather like textured canvas. Scrumptious!

  2. I think there’s something about the dark light in this picture which works really well. I do agree, it somewhat resembles or could be an oil painting. It’s a very nice capture

  3. This is so beautiful and yes definitely feels like a piece of artwork. Would be really interesting to also edit it now and give it a painting edit to see if it adds or takes away from it


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